Friday, October 2, 2009

Debut Post + Nintendo Points Giveaway!

Hello and welcome, one and all, to my blog.  Run.Game.Live. (I think I’ll be referring to it as RGL from here on out unless there’s an anagram that fits in there WAY better). My name is Joe, but throughout the internet tubes I am known as joeshabadoo.  If it isn’t clear from the blog name or banner, I play video games, and I run. These are two great passions of mine.  They bring me much joy and satisfaction, and I take great pride in both equally. To give you a rough idea, I game about 15-20 hours/week (console & handheld) and run about 80 miles/week.

In this virtual space, I aim to achieve the following three key bullet-point line-item objectives/initiatives on my action items list:

·        get gamers into running
·        get runners into gaming
·        connect with those existing running gamers (or gaming runners :p) out there

To these ends, I will be posting my own experiences and suggestions relating to the first steps towards entering either world (and beyond), my personal musings on topics of debate/discussion involving both, commentary on current events relating to both, and explorations of the parallels that can be drawn between the two activities/lifestyles.

I mention parallels because most gamers or runners that I speak to find the two activities drastically opposed. Granted one is active in nature, while the other is passive, but this is only true on the surface. In fact, one could easily argue that the active/passive dichotomy can be reversed (more on that some other time). That said, my two passions are ultimately quite different things on one level, and I’m fine with that.  Once one begins to appreciate things on a variety of levels, nearly everything can compliment everything else nicely, acknowledging and relishing in any and all shared and unique characteristics. One thing you do shouldn’t necessarily shape all the other things you do *points to blog subhead*.
I’d also like to make it clear that RGL is not focused on whipping the more out-of-shape gamers into shape, or getting runners to cease scoffing at videogames as a hobby.  Those could certainly be nice little benefits, like side quests that you happen to complete while going through the main section of a game.  However, when it comes down to it, RGL is about getting people to find enjoyment in both worlds, be it for reasons similar and different.

Anywho, without further ado I’d like to briefly introduce my first, but perhaps most interesting, topic (don’t worry I know why most of you are here): Gaming and Running have actually had a Rather Intimate Relationship for Decades: Think about it; since the dawn of gaming, practically every single game that involved controlling a human/humanoid/beast/robot/anthropomorphized object included its own very specific, and equally vital run animation.  It serves as a default for movement, or at least a vastly preferred option. Furthermore, in most cases, it is the hero or protagonist whom we have running, and he is running CONSTANTLY; very often because his enemies are running straight at him. Why then, I ask, have gamers looked past this speedy method of pedestrian travel and not taken it to heart?  Why don’t they desire to emulate this seemingly superhuman trait of their heroes, especially given that it is usually one of the more realistic and beneficial to adopt?  Most gamers will identify with or envy several other traits, but this taken-for-granted ability to run indefinitely just comes off as functional and expected.

Which brings me to the reason why I suspect many of you are here . . . THE GIVEAWAY!  At this point I can simply say that your chance to win Nintendo Points will come during the month of December and will involve trivia competition in some way. There's plenty to be handed out, so stay tuned for more details!

Oh, and before you start asking me: “Joe, wtf? Why the 360/PS3 nods in your banner but only Nintendo Points?!?” allow me to clarify-
- By way of mastermind schemeage, I was only able to get my hands on Nintendo credit.
- Wiiware and DSiware are sweet platforms that don’t see enough love/promotion as it is. Wiiware in particular is seeing a flood of awesome this fall/holiday. So all of you that talk about the dust on your Wii, put a cork in it and download some kickass Wiiware. But I digress . . .

That about wraps it up for this first post. I hope that many of you will at least be intrigued after coming here and reading this, or even compelled to film yourself doing something potentially defacing yet awesome. I invite you to show yourself and fill out the comments section. Why do you run? Why do you game? Why don’t you run/game? Why won’t this Joe idiot stop typing already? Can I still run if I’m a lazy bastard? It’s all welcome, including questions directed my way. I’ll try to be as active on this page as I can, plus you can follow my twitter linked over there on the right. Until next time, keep putting one foot in front of the other, with an open mind and a gamer’s determination. This is joeshabadoo, signing off.

gotta run to the next level

ps – The overall layout is still a work in progress, and should start to look much cooler in due time. Think of this as a beta. I’ll be throwing some official RGL game reviews into the mix as well, so watch out for those. Also, a shout-out to all the GoNintendo faithful in the house. Holla back yo!



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