Monday, January 11, 2010

Bridging the Gap Vol. 1: Podcasts

Hey there, runners/gamers/whoever! It’s an actual new post on Run Game Live! I figured with the New Year come around and all I should at least give the impression that there will be one annual post. This post will be the first in a group that will serve to bring the worlds of running and gaming closer together, rather than suggesting how one might take the first steps into running or gaming. In other words, this one’s for all you awesome people out there who run AND game, or those who may find themselves enjoying both in the near future. If you are one to enjoy both activities but find that there just isn’t enough time in the day to appreciate them both while maintaining a healthy social life (and that last part’s important), I offer this tip: gaming podcasts.

Listening to podcasts while running is a fantastic way to be entertained/educated in the midst of your rigorous exercise or daily endorphin high. If you want to keep up on the latest gaming news or listen to opinionated gaming discussion, what better way than to throw on your favorite gaming podcast(s) while hitting the pavement? A few of my favorites are the Gonintendo Podcast, 1up’s Retronauts Podcast, and IGN’s Gamescoop. Each new recording provides fresh perspective/debate as well as a conversational atmosphere to keep those engaged in the run who might find themselves easily bored or dwelling on the strain of the run.

Expanding upon that, this post could also be seen as a way to ease gamers into the running world. If you already have a favorite batch of gaming podcasts, why not get up and move around some while you enjoy it instead of just sitting at home or in your car or on some sort of mass transit system? That’s right, there’s no reason! You’re certainly not going to be gaming while listening to gaming podcasts (at least I hope you don’t). Running and podcasts go together. The gaming world and podcasts go together. Consider that when you download that next ‘cast. I’ll catch you guys later!

PS – I’m sorry there was never an official sanctioned giveaway for those Nintendo points, but I was able to handout a large amount of the points on my own and I hope that those who received them are enjoying whatever it is they downloaded!



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